• High efficiency, steady and durable.
• Ideal for conveying highly abrasive and viscous products/liquid.
• Long distance conveying made easy by strong power.
• Anti-freeze to ensure smooth running of operation.
• Explosion proof and safe.
• User friendly, liquid conveying can be easily regulated.
• Low maintenance and service friendly.
• Uses compressed air as power source.

Ceramic Industry – Mud conveying and circulation, glaze spray and circulation.
Chemistry Industry – Transfer chemical, emulsion, adhesive glue, stone halide material, cosmetic material etc.
Food Industry – Pump and transfer all kinds of raw materials for food processing.
Paint & Spray – Pump and transfer a variety of paints and resin. Colour mixing device and drainage device for painting room.
Mining Industry – Pump and drain Sediment, water or mud of mines, trenches, tunnels etc.
Wastewater Treatment Industry – Pump variety of sewage, mud and slurry.
Other Industries – Semiconductor, printing, rubber, paper, textile, furniture etc.